212403Pam Schilling

(1) Professor, career strategist, and writer

(2) Wife, mom, daughter (only child!)

(3) Student, DePaul University’s DBA (class of 2019)

I have more than 20 years of professional experience from strategy consulting and tech-co finance leadership roles which I have focused today on higher education and career advancement.

My career mission is to bring talent to organizations and build talent within. My expertise is thinking strategically about career advancement, drawing out insights about skills/capabilities/career path, and establishing a rigorous approach to pursue roles and advancement with elite/competitive organizations. My love of teaching brought me to the faculty of North Park University, instructing courses in Strategy and Finance. My entrepreneurial spirit and desire to impact individuals with ambitious career goals led me to start Arch Career Partners.

I have twin toddlers and serve as co-CFO (Chief Family Officer), with my amazing husband, which provides first-hand experience with and appreciation for the challenges/opportunities of professional women and moms. I live in Chicago’s southwest suburbs. Also, a shout out to Kato, who watches over his kingdom dutifully each day (fyi, Kato is an 11 year old Shiba Inu)

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